We are a small but special
family farm in a beautiful
setting just outside
Marble Hill in Southeast

Our specialties are
continuing to develop and
we now have a delicious
selection of hot pepper
sauces made from fresh,
organic ingredients and
you will taste the


We have had German  
Shepherds as pets since
we were kids.

We bought Tasha in 2001
and she grew into such a
magnificent, beautifully
tempered dog, we knew
we needed to pass along
those genes!

After the first litter was
so successful, Karen
began working on raising
puppies, studying
pedigrees and lines,
obtaining dogs with good
hip/elbow histories and
excellent temperaments.

We love the joy that is
spread to others when
buying a quality puppy
and encourage continued
contact with buyers.

We now have our small
Our dogs are a notch
above; Check out the

Joe & Karen

"Wonderful companions
with the potential for so
much more"
Crooked Creek Ranch
German Shepherd Dogs
grow up in nature.

They spend lots of time
searching and tracking
through the woods,
leaping over trees and
ravines, swimming in the
creek, balancing by
walking out on fallen
trees, sprinting up and
down the hills after birds,
climbing rock ledges, and
racing across the

It's nature's "agility
course" and they are
great athletes because of

German Shepherd dogs
need to exercise their
body and mind. Tired
dogs, from a good
workout, mentally and
physically make better
companions. They'll keep
their owners in good
condition too!

The German Shepherd is
a "working dog" so you
need to be sure to give it a
"job" to do. Whether that
is herding, agility,
obedience, a running
partner, tracking, or the
best family companion.
They'll be much happier
fulfilling a role, eager in
their satisfaction to please
    Crooked Creek
    Ranch is a
    inspected facility as
    well as an approved
    breeding facility,
    inspected by the
    Missouri Dept. of

  • American Kennel
  • Missouri Pet
    Breeders Association
  • Bollinger County
    Chamber of
  • Purina Pro Club
All images are © 2012 Karen Belcher @ Crooked Creek Ranch
Crooked Creek Ranch is located just 2 hours South of the St. Louis area, 1 1/2 hrs.
Northwest of Paducah,KY and 45 min. from the Illinois border.

Crooked Creek Ranch
RR 5 Box 315
Marble Hill, MO  63764
(573)238-2104 or (573) 579-0751

Owned by Joe and Karen Belcher